BJJ White Belt Views

A Guest.

Welcome to the Janners blog, with a difference. After last weeks’ post about the life of a blue belt I was contacted by a white belt who asked – “Can I write one?”

So being one to sit back and let somebody else do the work I said “Sure”, so here are some insights from a white belt. Over to James.

What do I Like Best?

I’m not sure what I’m enjoying the most: being leaner and stronger; being less stressed and happier; or having a focus in life. What I do know is that this sport has a tight hold on me like a Darce choke from a four striped blue belt.

Where did it start?

Where did it start…. When I was a teenager one of my friends gave me a UFC VHS video and I watched Pat Smith elbow somebody unconscious and keep on elbowing him it was horrific. I also saw some dude in a Gi Nail much bigger guys. I was intrigued to what the guys in the gi’s were doing.I became hooked on martial arts.

Thailand or Brazil?

About a year later I had an option to travel to Brazil to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or to travel to Thailand to learn Thai boxing I chose the latter. These were pre-Youtube days: I simply turned up in Bangkok and asked where gyms were. I trained and fought in Thailand and the UK and eventually stopped training and became a trainer.

Getting Old?

In my late 30s There was still something in me nagging me to try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but part of myself convinced myself I was too old. After a conversation with a man who had a long goatee I decided to scratch the itch. We researched gyms in Plymouth and, following many recommendations, ended up at Flo. I’ve been training for ten months now. When I started in May I was about 115 kg now I wake up about 94 kg and the weight is still dropping off. I haven’t drunk since Boxing Day. I’d much rather spend a Friday evening rolling around with some awesome dudes and wake up fresh so that I can be a better and happier family man.

But Why Still Do It?

I work in a stressful profession and I found it difficult to forget about work. I never mastered the art of a good work life balance. Jiu Jitsu has changed that. As soon as you tap hands with somebody before you roll you forget about any stresses you have. You now have a new problem: somebody trying to twist your head and limbs off. It’s hard to really pin down what it is that is so enjoyable and addictive about Jui Jitsu. If being stronger, lighter, and enjoying life more doesn’t appeal to you then at least you will be able to turn from your right side to your left side on your head while you sleep.

Cheers all – James

So thanks to James I get a blog out this week without doing much.



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