The Yellow Volkswagen T4 Van

This Sunday!

This Sunday will see the arrival of the “Janner Van” VW T4 Transporter. This means the excitement with the crew is immense. For 30 years we had vans and / or pickups, but for some odd reason 3 years ago we decided we could do without….duh! Now consider that apart from BJJ, we surf, mountain bike and camp. Do you see a problem with not having a van?

It’s A Bit Battered

It began with me printing mugs for a VW van dealer, and I mentioned I missed having a van. At this point he chips in that he has an ex AA yellow Volkswagen T4 van in as PX to clear. Crusty rusty ish but not too bad, high mileage at 265,000m, no history, short MOT, but yellow and 5 seats. Well what could I say? I could have said nothing, but my mouth moved before my brain had time to stop it and I heard myself saying “I’ll have it”.

So What’s Happening?

Having agreed to have it, I sorted out insurance then thought it’s nearly the end of the month, so I’ll wait until the beginning of next for the road tax and delivery. Now my sensible head made a rare appearance as I pondered the “No service history”. A quick phone call and the van was on it’s way to have cambelt, water pump, and fuel pump belt changed. I didn’t fancy the idea of belt breaking and wrecking an engine! The general service items can be sorted once I have had a chance to dig around the van and see what we have.


When it gets here, it’ll be a good clean time, get some miles on it and then we can establish an order of priority for work to be done. I am under no illusion that given the mileage and it’s age (16 years old), it is going to require money being spent on it!

The sign writing will be one of the first things done, so if you see a yellow VW van with “Janners Mugs” in black on it, give us a wave.

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