Coffee Break BJJ – Side Control Concepts Xande Ribeiro

Janners BJJ Store brings you the famous “Coffee Break BJJ” and this one is just under 10 minutes long. Here Xande Ribeiro does a great job of explaining some side control concepts for BJJ. Xande teaches basic and clear concepts on how to position yourself to control your opponent from the side control.

Pay attention for the head control, side control, hip to hip, hip to shoulder and flow. Listen out for the phrases “Smash his face if I have to”, “Bugging me there” and “Flow, flow, flow” as they are used around some key areas.

Xande is always keen to highlight using the mechanics of your body for control of the side control position. He looks at how to change from one side to the other.

Early on is a lovely break down of why in BJJ controlling the hips, the armpit / shoulders and the neck is so important. This gets followed with an explanation of the knee / hip options against your opponents hip. This bit resonates with me as he says “We want to do minimal effort”, I like that concept. Not sure about stopping the knee coming in? Well as Xande says if he doesn’t stop the knee coming in “he’s going to have a lot of problems”.

“Boom, knee on stomach” is delivered as such a casual statement. “Go really high and keep him flat” all makes sense. There is a very brief (don’t blink or you’ll miss it) comment about going to mount in there is well.

So pop in to the video and as you watch it keep the areas mentioned above in mind. Most important of all enjoy the video, enjoy the coffee.

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