Coffee Break BJJ Chewy and Janners Junior.

Today we continue our investigation of maintaining control when on top side control. ChewJitsu is one of those channels I enjoy as Chewy keeps it simple. I like simple! Next week we move on to other aspects of side control so look back over this week and consolidate your game.

Last night was our end of year seminar at Flo Martial Arts. Doing my bit for the “Old Choke Dealers” out there I keep plugging away on the mats. Just to show you are never to old to progress I was awarded my purple belt last night. Look out young pups the over 50’s are coming! Lucky to have my daughter training by my side, and there to celebrate with me, happy days!

Janners “The Old Choke Dealer” and “Janners Junior”

The post today was brought to you by my favorite towel.

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