Coffee Break BJJ Closed Guard Back Take Giancarlo Bodoni

Well it’s Sunday so let’s have a bit of a change of direction. During last week we were looking at maintaining side control when on top and next week we will look at working to a better position or submission from side control. However this popped up on my feed today and I like it, simple basics are always great to refine.

So here we have Giancarlo Bodoni showing a nice move from closed guard to the back. BJJ Fanatics with Bernado Faria put out some great BJJ videos and they are well worth sharing. So sit back and enjoy, maybe add something to your game or even just tighten it up.

Nice and clear, enjoy!

The video today was brought to you by a key ring because we all need key rings. As a side note, I suck at attacking and defending my legs!

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