Coffee Break BJJ -Side Control Kimura with Teco Shinzato

The video today is short at under 2 minutes, but superb!

OK I am no where near a black belt, but I find side control is one of the most dominant positions in BJJ.

It’s one of the worst positions to be in when I am on the bottom. While side control is often viewed as a temporary point between other dominant positions I find more experienced players of side control use it as the base point for match winning submissions and transitions.

This week we will look at ways of developing a brutal and gnarly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu side control game with submissions. I think we are on safe ground to say that the general consensus is that three submissions come to mind initially Kimura / American / Straight Armbar.

I’ll begin with the Kimura. This video from Evolve University is one that I looked at and fell in love with. I am not fast, not strong, not heavy and not agile, hence you see why this suits me and probably any game.

Short but packed with detail

The video today was brought to you by

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