Cann Wood, Plymouth, A Ride In The Trees

The Cann Wood website was the starting point more by accident than any great planning, this was followed by a quick glance at view ranger. Maybe I should have paid more attention and then I would have had some idea of the layout, but then riding is always fun.

The start of my ride.

It’s been a few decades since I was last at Cann woods which I guess was a hint it’s time for a return visit. The car park was easy to find and I was surprised to find there were quite a few cars there as it was a midweek afternoon. I saw very few people in the couple of hours I spent riding so don’t be put off if the car park looks busy.

As you do, I went and looked at the information board, which wasn’t very helpful. I had assumed there were some designated mountain bike routes, however I was wrong. With this in mind I set off on a general random ride. The hard pack stone of the forest roads is a nice easy ride with nothing technical which suits me. The views are rather beautiful even on a day like this with dull skies.

Hard pack stone forest roads

From these main forest roads there are lots of trails / paths that shoot off in all sorts of directions however what is for riding and what is for walking isn’t at all clear. My suggestion would be go careful and be aware.

Look up, as well as down, head ache and face plant coming if you don’t

The trails can be covered in logs with low overhanging trees so look down and up if you don’t fancy face planting the floor! The drop down into the valley can be achieved following a forest road but that appears to dwindle and coming back up involved a steep technical climb. Well it would be for others, I walked. Next time I would do this the other way around. I dawdled around and enjoyed myself, having taken the camera with me (had to wipe the dust off of it) I soon realized that a good photo in the wood really needs a tripod, lesson learned for another visit.

My suggestion is if you are in the area get on your bike and ride, whether gnarly single track or smooth forest road is your choice, there will be something to keep you happy

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Now get out there and ride, or get on the mats and roll.


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