Cann Wood after some rain

This morning we were up early and headed over to Cann Wood for a nose around.

Up early to before the crowds.

The last visit was keeping mainly to the big forest roads. Today we had a look around some of the other tracks. Essentially all easy, but going up hill on mud that is slippery resulted in some quite tiring sections. Most of the trails we followed today were still quite wide, required some ducking, but were not to technical.

Not quite forest road, but still easy riding.

Of course riding requires up hill and downhill adventures. Mrs Janners showing her balance skill while I faffed around taking a photo. This section was a good ride, stone and mud which was a little slippery so no getting carried away, not very wide so no room to wander around, and tree roots that are always sneaky little devils.

It’s amazing what you find in the woods.

After 90 minutes we found ourselves back at the car park with loads of people turning up, so it was time to pack the bikes away and head for home. Vans and mountain bikes go together like jam and cream.

Bikes strapped in and almost ready to head off.

Well there we go, if can’t roll on the mats we’ll get the wheels rolling on the bikes, happy days.


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