Personalized Sportswear For Women?

As many will know we are a family business and love all forms of activity. Now Karen (Mrs Janners) loves hitting the gym and likes her gym wear. This prompted a discussion about leggings (spats) and funky designs that were gym orientated. So out came the crayons (Well the electronic screen type, but you get my drift), and some scribbles, head scratching, hmms and ahhs and an idea started to evolve.

Personalized “Live Love Lift”

Then a friend said “Hey what about us women that swim?” So back to some head scratching and we arrived at these,

Personalized “Live Love Swim”

Funky Colors?

Yes you guessed it, the next question was “Can we have some funky colors?”, so that is now the work in progress.

What next?

Watch this space to see how this evolves. it’s a seed at the moment but with a bit of tender care we hope to see it grow. Pop in store to see what’s new.

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