Organic Ts And I Try Yoga.

Organic T’s (T-shirts not teas!)

Organic T-shirts? Retro 80s?

I agree it’s not the most obvious heading but it does make sense really. I was playing with a wacky design for a BJJ T-shirt for myself that was a bit 80s / acid house / cartoon inspired and then considered popping it on an organic fair trade T. The organic fair trade bit brings me to Organic BJJ Clothing on Teemill and the designs are amusing but certainly not normal for BJJ.

Keep Rolling – The first “Acid 80s” design

Pop in and have a look at the range of t’s and hoodies in store and see what you think.

BJJ Meets Yoga

I’ll be honest and admit I have tried yoga on a few occasions in the past and it bored me to death! However, I need to keep mobile and as I get older I need all the help I can get.

So to start off I’ll be exploring the videos from Yoga For BJJ on Youtube and Yoga For BJJ Facebook Page. My logic for using the videos on Youtube is that given my lack of enthusiasm for Yoga in the past, I don’t wish to commit to a site membership. Now even I see the dilemma here, I am starting with a negative outlook, but I promise to try to stay positive!

Ohhh Tight – 1st Yoga For BJJ

Well I was training this morning and feeling stiff in my lower back so I popped on to Facebook and saw this from Yoga for BJJ.

1st stretch – Wow my butt is stiff, I could really feel it, but the surprise was my shoulders were really tight as well. Just laying the arm out with with the legs off to the other side really pulled on my shoulders.

2nd stretch – Based on Pigeon Pose. I could feel how tight everything was from in my hip, down the outside of my thigh and into my knee. Cautious is the best way to describe how I approached this.

3rd Stretch – I opted to lie down and use a belt. This highlighted I have discomfort in the hip and tightness in the inner thigh.

4th Stretch – Low Lunge. This was rather interesting, yes my hip flexors were tight, but so was everything down both sides of my body.

5th Stretch – Sphinx pose. Rather enjoyable, this felt quite nice.

Summary of 1st Yoga session

It wasn’t too long, it wasn’t too boring and my lower back feels happier. I count that as a positive result. I will actually venture into another one tomorrow!

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