Quinoa For Breakfast?…Ohhh it’s nice!

Really?...For Breakfast? Well that was my thought after all vegan breakfast is one thing but quinoa as well? However, I decided to give it a go and it was really nice. Yes you read that correctly! Granted there are things I try that really don't suit my taste buds, so I don't mention them, but … Continue reading Quinoa For Breakfast?…Ohhh it’s nice!

Cauliflower, Vegan, Tasty? Surely NOT!

I was wrong..it's gorgeous. As the cauliflower looked at me, my heart sank. The challenge was a quick vegan meal with cauliflower. Well roast beef and vegetables was out then. So let's try something different. Our kitchen is always well stocked with herbs and spices as I do enjoy cooking and wondering around the continents … Continue reading Cauliflower, Vegan, Tasty? Surely NOT!