Vegan Fun

Will The Animals Go Hungry? As I was working on something else today I had one of those chuckle moments pondering the idea of eating plants before the animals get to them. The result is the tshirt design below. Vegan funny plant humor black and green ladies T-Shirtby jannersbjjstore Vegan funny eating plants humor black … Continue reading Vegan Fun

Keep Calm And Take Time To Roll

Simple advice It is such a simple concept, and when life gets hectic it may be pushed to one side. The stress can build up in life, the demands on your time get greater. We all need time to reset ourselves and BJJ is great for that. As you roll you can't think about anything … Continue reading Keep Calm And Take Time To Roll

Clocks, watches, mugs and T’s Die Last.

A selection of the latest updates to the shop. There are more new items in the shop so pop in and have a look. The power of speed is an "El Grande" mug hence it is bigger than a standard mug (15oz rather than 10oz capacity) and has a bigger handle to get those taped … Continue reading Clocks, watches, mugs and T’s Die Last.

Chaz and “The Power Of Speed”

Chaz is making sure his wisdom ( he tells us it's wisdom!) is passed on to us as he reckons the power of speed in combat is the proof of evolution. Does that make him a philosopher? All items are available for World Wide Delivery so pop over to the shop and see what takes … Continue reading Chaz and “The Power Of Speed”