Choke From Side Control

Coffee Break Choke Time This video is a lovely length for the coffee break, you can watch it a couple of times as it's 3m o7s long. Kurt Osiander explains things in a nice simple way. Enjoy and get choking. The video today was brought to you with the support of BJJ Evolve Or … Continue reading Choke From Side Control

Simple Armbar From Side Control

So Simple! This is so short that you will not have chance to drink your coffee. So why not find a volunteer to try it on? Thanks to Evolve University and Gamal Hassan for putting this together. The video today was brought to with the help of BJJ Roll Till Death Skull Add Your … Continue reading Simple Armbar From Side Control

Vegan Protein Snack Roasted Chickpeas

So Simple! Open and drain as many cans of chickpeas as you want to do. Pat them dry, tip them in a bowl with just enough olive oil to coat them. Add what ever spices you like the taste of. I used a cajun spice mix and lots of it. Preheat oven to 200 degrees … Continue reading Vegan Protein Snack Roasted Chickpeas

BJJ Coffee break armbar by Almiro Barras

Same Side Armbar Nice and short (2m 30) for that quick cuppa. In the other videos this week we have looked at attacking the far arm. Today we have a video from Almiro Barras on how to attack the nearside arm. Enjoy. A nearside armbar The video today was brought to you with the … Continue reading BJJ Coffee break armbar by Almiro Barras

Armbar From Side Control By Lachlan Giles

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu In Coffee Break Size Bites Lachlan Giles produces some great videos where he picks up on those little gems that give you that "Ahhh" moment. Here we are looking at a move we did early in the week (take a look back) where there were some great nuggets of technique. Now add … Continue reading Armbar From Side Control By Lachlan Giles

Coffee Break BJJ Kimura / Armbar From Side Control

BJJ With A Coffee And A Biscuit This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu video is just over 7 minutes hence time for a coffee and biscuit while we explore some groovy moves. Pay attention as some finer details are mentioned that might just tighten up your game. This is brought to you courtesy of MMA Leech and … Continue reading Coffee Break BJJ Kimura / Armbar From Side Control

Quinoa For Breakfast?…Ohhh it’s nice!

Really?...For Breakfast? Well that was my thought after all vegan breakfast is one thing but quinoa as well? However, I decided to give it a go and it was really nice. Yes you read that correctly! Granted there are things I try that really don't suit my taste buds, so I don't mention them, but … Continue reading Quinoa For Breakfast?…Ohhh it’s nice!

Coffee Break Armbar From Side Control

A little detail counts In this short video (less than 3 minutes) Damian Maia and Bernado Faria draw attention to a lovely little nugget of information. In BJJ we often find ourselves in side control and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu involves attacking the arms with a range of moves. I like this move for it's simplicity … Continue reading Coffee Break Armbar From Side Control

Vegan Fun

Will The Animals Go Hungry? As I was working on something else today I had one of those chuckle moments pondering the idea of eating plants before the animals get to them. The result is the tshirt design below. Vegan funny plant humor black and green ladies T-Shirtby jannersbjjstore Vegan funny eating plants humor black … Continue reading Vegan Fun

Keep Calm And Take Time To Roll

Simple advice It is such a simple concept, and when life gets hectic it may be pushed to one side. The stress can build up in life, the demands on your time get greater. We all need time to reset ourselves and BJJ is great for that. As you roll you can't think about anything … Continue reading Keep Calm And Take Time To Roll