Coffee Break BJJ Side Control Armbar / Armlock.

This was one of those moves which I was just playing with and then it dawned on me that I do it in two completely different ways. At a guess you probably do as well, just not thought about it. Here are both of them. Point being, keep your options open! BUT then … Continue reading Coffee Break BJJ Side Control Armbar / Armlock.

Quinoa For Breakfast?…Ohhh it’s nice!

Really?...For Breakfast? Well that was my thought after all vegan breakfast is one thing but quinoa as well? However, I decided to give it a go and it was really nice. Yes you read that correctly! Granted there are things I try that really don't suit my taste buds, so I don't mention them, but … Continue reading Quinoa For Breakfast?…Ohhh it’s nice!

Vegan Fun

Will The Animals Go Hungry? As I was working on something else today I had one of those chuckle moments pondering the idea of eating plants before the animals get to them. The result is the tshirt design below. Vegan funny plant humor black and green ladies T-Shirtby jannersbjjstore Vegan funny eating plants humor black … Continue reading Vegan Fun