Coffee Break BJJ Side Control Armbar / Armlock.

This was one of those moves which I was just playing with and then it dawned on me that I do it in two completely different ways. At a guess you probably do as well, just not thought about it. Here are both of them. Point being, keep your options open! BUT then … Continue reading Coffee Break BJJ Side Control Armbar / Armlock.

Quinoa For Breakfast?…Ohhh it’s nice!

Really?...For Breakfast? Well that was my thought after all vegan breakfast is one thing but quinoa as well? However, I decided to give it a go and it was really nice. Yes you read that correctly! Granted there are things I try that really don't suit my taste buds, so I don't mention them, but … Continue reading Quinoa For Breakfast?…Ohhh it’s nice!